eja client side password manager

A full client side, javascript based, password manager that allows you to save your bookmarks, maybe your access credentials and any kind of note either locally or on a remote server.

All data are always encrypted before being saved locally, sent to the remote server or exported, so if someone else is intercepting them the only realistic way to decrypt them is knowing the username and password combination that you have used to encrypt them, thus if you forget them your data are irremediably and forever lost.

How do I sign-up/register?
Just choose a username and a strong password and you are in. Of course be careful in choosing your password which should be long and maybe also include some special characters to prevent brute force attacks to be able to sort it out, there is no limit on the length of the username nor the password which at the end of the day are simply keywords that will be used to generate a unique hash that then will be used to encrypt the data, a long pass phrase for this reason is warmly recommended.
Is this Password Manager safe?
All operations in clear text are happening at your side, the only data moved from your side are first and always encrypted so the server is only saving encrypted data for which it doesn't know nor will ever know the user/pass combination that has been used to generate them. The real question should be if your client side is safe enough to protect you. Are you sure and safe against key loggers? Do you trust enough your browser provider? If so there is no way do intercept your data nor to decrypt the server saved data apart knowing the right user/pass combination.
How do I recover my username/password combination?
There does not, repeat, does not, exist any way to recover your username/password combination because there is no way nor on the server neither on the client side to know which combination generated the specific file name on which the encrypted data are going to, or have been, saved, neither of course to recover anyway the encrypted data on the files without the right credentials.
Can I avoid to write the username every time that I open the password manager?
Yes, if you want avoid having to write always your username you can use it as a third level part of the domain and the field will be prefilled, for instance if the username that you want to use is donald you can go straight to https://donald.password.eja.cloud and the username field will be prepopulated with it.
How do I choose if I want to save data locally or remotely?
On the login screen if you click on the advanced checkbox you can choose to save your links either locally, remote or both. You must choose by the other side if you want to read them either from the one eventually saved on your browser (local) or the ones saved on the remote server.
Is there any way to check what is happening behind the curtains?
Of course, again at the login screen if you click on advanced you can also choose if you want the password manager to output the debug informations either on the javascript console of the browser or on a special box (screen) that will be created at the bottom of the page.
How do I change password?
A possible way is to export your data, sign-out, sign-in again with a new password and import the previous exported data, while importing indeed the pm will ask for an import password, in this case use the one from which you exported the data, the username must be the same for both accounts. Once that you have sucessfull imported the data you should sign-in again with the old account and remove all entries from there.